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An important and timely movement, death and dying are natural parts of life's journey. The more we as a society discuss this universal stage of life, the more educated and empowered we will be to navigate our own final days and those of our loved ones. And the more we have these conversations outside the context of an imminent death in the family, the more thoroughly we will understand our options and communicate our wishes and those of our loved ones when the time comes.

Talking about end-of-life issues can be difficult for anyone.  One way to approach the subject is to talk about why you have decided to talk about these issues.  Sometimes sharing your personal concerns and values, spiritual beliefs, or views about what makes life worth living can be as helpful as talking about specific treatments and circumstances. Voicing your choice with your loved ones will also help them ensure your wishes are followed.

We want you to be the expert on your wishes and those of your loved ones. We want you to Voice Your Choice.

Voice your Choice will provide:

  • Community Education
  • Professional CEU’s
  • On-site form completion

Personal Decisions

As you gather courage to think through personal decisions, it can help to acknowledge it is a fearful topic, and that it’s often hard to know where to start.

3 Points To Keep In Mind:

  • Thinking about your end-of-life can be exhausting and emotional.
  • Thinking through what’s important often means having ‘Aha!’ moments about yourself.
  • Determining personal choices at the end of your life can give you and yours peace of mind.

For more information on Personal Decisions, click here.

We also have a Voice Your Choice Conversation Starter Booklet that will help guide the conversation for this emotional time.