Primary Care

Receive primary medical care and wellness visits in the comfort of your own home

What is in-home primary care?

CareBridge Primary Care makes house calls and provides medical care for patients with chronic or acute illnesses or serious injuries, regardless of their age or prognosis. The primary care team also conducts routine medical check-ups and annual wellness visits for patients in their home or healthcare community setting.  It’s the perfect alternative for homebound patients who have difficulty traveling to a physician’s office.

What services are covered under in-home primary care?

In-home primary care covers a variety of services, including:
  • Routine check-ups
  • Lab work
  • Hospitalization follow-ups
  • EKGs
  • Sick visits
  • Ultrasounds
  • X-rays

Does the same clinician come to the home every time?

Yes. Continuity of care is important to ensure patients remain comfortable and compliant with their care recommendations. The care team includes a nurse practitioner who will administer care and work with a collaborating physician. Social workers also are available to CareBridge Primary Care patients.

How frequent are primary care visits?

The first visit includes an in-depth assessment of a patient’s preferences, needs and wishes. This allows the CareBridge team to formulate a holistic care approach. CareBridge Primary Care nurse practitioners make house calls on a monthly basis. The team works together to ensure patients and families, as well as any additional caregivers, home health aides or therapists, collaborate and remain up-to-date on the patient’s prognosis and care plan.

Are CareBridge Primary Care patients required to be CareBridge Palliative Care patients too?

No. CareBridge Services patients are welcome to utilize either or both services as needed.

While there are so many benefits to in-home primary care from CareBridge Services, patients and families really appreciate the peace of mind and support they receive from the healthcare team. Other benefits include:

  • Continuity of care providers among visits
  • Clinical support available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays
  • Care management for high-risk patients
  • Physician oversight for patients while in UC West Chester, Atrium or Fort Hamilton Hospital
  • Post-hospitalization discharge follow-up
  • Medication management and adherence strategies
  • Routine visits in the home setting (if no changes of conditions have been noted)
  • Preventive care visits to conduct health assessments, immunizations and functional assessments
  • Proven reduction of emergency department use and hospitalization
  • Same day or next-day symptom management visits
  • Sick visits upon request
  • Social worker and chaplain visits available upon request
  • Weekly medical assistance and rounds made internally at facilities that list us as a preferred provider
  • Patients can seamlessly transition to palliative care or hospice care services through Hospice of Southwest Ohio

Looking for palliative care instead of in-home primary care?

Not sure what type of care you need?

If you are physician making a referral, call (513) 528-8150 or fill out our Make a Referral form to get started.

More questions? We have the answers.

How does someone get started with in-home primary care?

A referral from the patient’s primary care doctor and a face sheet of personal information should be faxed to CareBridge Primary Care at (513) 528-8151. A cover sheet requesting a primary care consult will expedite the first visit. New patients should notify their health insurance that their new primary care physician is CareBridge Primary Care to avoid co-pays.

Where does CareBridge offer in-home primary care visits?

CareBridge Primary Care services are offered in patients’ homes or healthcare communities in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, in the following counties:

  • Clermont County
  • Butler County
  • Warren County
  • Hamilton County

If you are a patient ready to start receiving in-home primary care services, call CareBridge Primary Care at (513) 528-8150.

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