Patient Stories

What CareBridge Services Means to Me

Patient Stories

At CareBridge Services, we understand that it’s a privilege to be entrusted with a patient’s palliative care, whether for yourself or a loved one. Our team remains dedicated to managing pain and symptoms, improving quality of life, assisting with medical decisions and helping families navigate the challenging healthcare system.

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“CareBridge has been the best thing that ever happened for our family. The care that Julia gave to my Mom was unbelievable. She always made sure Mom had whatever she needed and I will always be thankful for the support she gave to me. My only regret in going with your hospice (HSWO) is that we lost Julia as our CareBridge nurse. I will miss her. I will say that the hospice team has been super and the transition has been seamless. Am I happy with CareBridge? YES! I am very happy, satisfied and thankful for everything!!”

Regina (Mabel’s daughter)


“CareBridge has meant so much to me because they care about me as a human being and not just a patient. I realized there are still people out there who truly care. My nurse practitioner has been with me for over three years and she doesn’t just come to do her job. She sits, talks to me and really listens. She is excellent with follow-up and she lets me give her hugs. I realize that if I need her, she is there!”



“My nurse practitioner is fantastic and helps me a great deal. I’m not a woman who likes to take medications and she has helped me find alternate ways to take my medications and keep me comfortable. She connects with me just by listening to my concerns and makes the necessary changes. I cannot say enough great things about CareBridge Services.”



“My mom has been part of the CareBridge family for about 3 1/2 years. Kelley is our NP and is always there for us. Any time I have a question or concern, she is always available. She feels more like family to us than a provider.”

Theresa “Tess” (Missy’s daughter)


“CareBridge has saved us!! Our family started with CareBridge for our daughter, for whom palliative care was a lifesaver. We worked with the incomparable Michael K, who brought a great mix of laughter and competence into our lives.

Before too long my husband needed care for cancer and Kelley (also incomparable) saw us through until he needed hospice through you all until he passed away last October.

Then I was added in at same time for some severe and rare medical issues. CareBridge has just hopped right in and made our lives better in the midst of the hardest challenges. Having the in-home nursing and the seamless transition to hospice has saved us.

The most poignant moment was when my husband Dan talked to Michael and Kelley about the need for care. I watched through the glass of our sunporch to see both Kelley and Michael scoot their rockers over to take Dan’s hands and cry with him. Such beautiful compassion.”

Our very deepest thanks ♥️, Sally


“Our family truly wouldn’t be able to exist without the help of Kelley, Michael, and all at CareBridge.”

Love, Kate

David and Ruth

“Margaret has been providing care to my father David (91) and my mother Ruth (89) since late 2015. The care and compassion that she exhibits toward my parents is exemplary. She is always willing to take time out for a last minute call and write a prescription if necessary at a moment’s notice.

My siblings and I have peace of mind knowing that Maggie is always there for my parents. She would definitely be an asset for any organization.”

David, (son)


“The CareBridge Primary and Palliative Care team are truly dedicated to providing the upmost quality of life for their patients! I highly recommend their services as an additional layer of care, by compassionate staff who are skilled in treating the ‘whole person’!”

Krista, Licensed Social Worker

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