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CareBridge Primary and Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners are trained in palliative care and focus on Symptom Management and Quality of Life. This is beneficial to home and facility patients where Nurse Practitioner's and Medical Doctor's are seeing patients because...

  • Nurse Practitioners can spend more time with the patient to focus on one or more symptoms that are affecting the patients’quality of life.
  • Nurse Practitioners have the extra time to devote to discussions regarding advance directives and goals of care.
  • Nurse Practitioners support the patients’ primary care physician. The Nurse Practitioner has the ability to write orders or make changes in medications as necessary.
  • Once symptoms are stabilized, skilled services can be ordered to maximize patient potential.
  • Nurse Practitioners can provide additional support for current staff for patients residing in a nursing home or retirement community.
  • Nurse Practitioners can visit you wherever you call home which increases patient/family satisfaction in having additional provider support.