Bridging the Gap

between pain management and a better quality of life

Chronic or serious illness should not define who you are or how you live your life. It is possible to relieve pain and manage symptoms to improve your quality of life. That’s when CareBridge Services can help, by providing palliative care to patients in southwest Ohio.

The CareBridge Palliative Care team helps to reduce the pain, stress and discomfort of chronic and serious illnesses. CareBridge Services strives to provide the highest level of care, comfort, compassion, safety and emotional support to patients and their families so they are able to live more meaningful and productive lives.

Palliative care and primary care: understanding the differences

While CareBridge Services offers both palliative care and primary care in patients’ homes, each service addresses different healthcare needs. Patients are able to receive either types of care — or both services — as needed.

Palliative Care

Primary Care

Palliative care focuses on relieving pain and managing symptoms of chronic or serious illnesses
Primary care includes treatment of acute illnesses as well as annual wellness visits
Palliative care is for anyone with a serious illness who needs pain and/or symptom relief
In-home primary care works well for home-bound or home-limited patients who find it difficult to travel to a physician’s office
The palliative care team provides treatment in patients’ homes, hospitals, nursing facilities or senior living communities
The primary care team provides treatment in patients’ homes, nursing facilities or senior living communities
Some private insurance companies pay for palliative care, but it depends on the individual’s plan and what type of treatment is necessary
Most insurance plans cover in-home primary care based on the individual’s plan, but there may be associated copays or deductibles
Medicare may cover palliative care charges, but it depends on specific needs (such as medication or length of treatment)
Medicare covers 80% of in-home primary care services and patients pay 20%, like any other physician services

Are you looking for pain and symptom relief from chronic illness?

CareBridge Primary Care can help.

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